24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 8

Today is finally my turn to open it and I went to open it. it was actually a BIG one – the door. So I was a little surprised to get one of those. But then I will give you some hints, the following hints are that it has a scarf, it is a dog, and it looks shaggy. I’m pretty sure you will find out who it is soon.

So now have you figured it out with help from the photo. As if you know we went to Toys R Us and I brought back some magical stacking fun. You might already saw these three but I need to repeat for people that don’t know it. So the three figurines are The White Rabbit, Tigger, and Mickey Mouse. I guess it will be time for some stacking.

So the person – I mean, pet is a dog and her I assume, is Lady. So her name is Lady. I also forgot to tell you my dad really likes the White Rabbit from Wonderland. But I like the Mad Hatter because he is really funny and his name says he’s mad but he is actually fun and very, very funny like my dad.

But Lady the dog is really old and that’s why we don’t know her name. And I went outside to play and I didn’t have time. Besides I don’t know her name. Then my dad found out what her name was. It literately took so long to know what the dog’s name was.

I’m looking to see if the Tsums Tsums can stack in three different lines. Uh I think y – e – e – e – s. Hmm, it is difficult to let them stack on each other’s back. But it did look funny – all of them stacked together on each other’s back.

Now what words am I looking for? I must be looking forward to another post. But my brain says let’s go and write a new post, while my voices inside my head says to continue. Hmmmmm, I think I’d better listen to both voices.

I also went to the Disney store and I saw my favorite Disney princess, Mulan.  But I was looking forward to see Star Darlings. There was NO Star Darlings there. And I mean NOOOOOOOO Star Darlings there.

(Tsum Tsum playing a Snow fight)

I even saw a Tsum Tsum movie! And the Tsum Tsum area. But I need to stop for food and I feel a little weak. So after dinner I might feel stronger to write. So bye until next post and after dinner.

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