24 Days Of Christmas – Disney Tsum Tsum Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Figurine Surprise Day 9 And 10

So I didn’t write all of these days and I kind of don’t know who got who. In order to write a post I need to find out some information. And guess what I did all of these days? I took typing lessons to improve my typing speed and skills. And guess what, my speed slowed down. So back to the main point – what was I saying? Oh yes I was saying that I will write two of Tsum Tsums which is opened by my dad and my mum.

Ariel wonders what these 2 blocks are for? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! It looks like a gift box? How funny is that?

Right now I am whining about doing the proper typing hand position because it is too hard and too slow. And WUD comes along. She’s going to type, Hi guys, Wind Up Doll here. I just finished cleaning and organizing my freaking, horrible, not helping sis’s room and my room. And I’m done talking. Okay now we can get moving now. Hey – WUD, get back here and just so you know I’m going to tattle on you the freaking horrible, not helping sis. So if you know my mum opened up number 10. Then she got a gift box chair and I wonder who it is for. I suspect it can be for the large ones. – With Santa hats.

So this is how the “gift box” thing end up. Now it looks more like a chair, isn’t it? What’s Ariel doing up there? Get down, Ariel, you gotta have some manners!!!

Haha, much better, Ariel. But… how did the chair get up on top of the ornament?! Magic? You see there’s a round indentation on the bottom of one block? That thing goes on the ornament perfectly. That’s how these figurines stack.

I wrote this post with two Tsum Tsums to save time on posts. And then I will write one more post for 11 and 12. So did you know that when my dad opened the door, there were two surprises. There were Ariel of course and there was someone else there too and it was Elsa or somebody else. So my dad slid it up into number 22 for next time’s surprise.

BTW, we have fights all of the time – me and my sister but still we’re the best friends in this world. Right now WUD went to sleep and I’m left alone here and “writing as fast as I can.” Some close shots of Ariel. She’s so cute!

If I want to hurry I need to “cause” I need to write numbers 11 and 12. So this is where I say bye and start writing on next post. And I’m going to have the “paper post snow day” So I stop say bye then I go to write new posts. Bye.

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