Who Is the New 2017 Girl of the Year for American Girl?

Wanna know who is the new Girl Of The Year? I will tell you when I’m done talking. Well I didn’t want to stand in the cold, numb weather but if I wanted to know who it was, I had to stand there. I stood for hours and hours and finally I saw, it was…..

GABRIELA MCBRIDE or Gabby! How nice! Such cute outfits and playsets, will be a delight to No. 27 or Kaya. I love how she is a dancer, artist, and a healthy girl that loves to eat her fruit. To my thinking, I love fruits very much. They are like pieces of candy that are much sweeter.

So back to the main point-> But the best is how she has a cute little cat but the problem is that I don’t know its name or if it is a female or male cat.

The most best thing I ever saw is this doll. She also has a real nail polish bottle that works on doll nails and a makeup kit that I really adore. So wait til’ I tell more in the paragraphs.

I actually went to the store and I got a few good things I will show you in a few minutes of writing. So I took a pic with Gabby or the poster if you say like we did with Lea last year, got a journal, a cookie, and a sticker board sheet.

I will show you what I decorated on the board later as I make it.

Here it is, I am done and I will show you:

This one is done by WUD. All she cares is her Rebecca… BTW when will AG make a Rebecca movie anyway?!

Its good, huh? I love to make it funny. But I need to resume posts and write on so bye (ZZZZZZZZZ……….. already asleep!?………. ZZZZZZZZ)

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