Loop De Loom Purse For Kaya

I made a Loop De Loom¬†purse but it didn’t turn out as I wanted, because the yarn was too short so I turned it into something for Kaya to wear. It is Kaya’s berry picking basket. By doing that so, I taunted WUD and she threw a hissy fit about why I didn’t make it for Rebecca.

You see, it is made of an almost finished purse and a long, long piece of fabric. It looks kind of like Kaya’s accessories but it is a different color and different looking. I wonder how many berries can Kaya fit inside?

Finally, Kaya got something instead of Rebecca because Rebecca is always bossing everything for herself to wear or use. Now I need to log off because Kaya is asking me every minute now and then if I could take her berry picking. Of course, I’m going to have a good time with Kaya. Bye.

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