Ever After High Epic Winter Winter Sparklier and Crystal Winter Doll

Christmas has long gone but why does WUD still have presents to open?! Because that’s how funny she is. She wants to take her sweet little time and says she will open one at a time. Anyways today she opened an Ever After High aka EAH playset, it’s the……………….. CRYSTAL WINTER SPARKLIZER!

That’s the room or chamber that you put the doll in. After that you lock it. Then there’s a drawer that you put the sparkles in. Then you close the drawer and press the button above it. The sparkles will spray up and hit the doll.

I know something that is related to opening. And it is cool. The door opens so you can put your doll in.

Here’s her little purple owl friend. It stays on Crystal Winter’s wrist.

Hey look, Crystal Winter looks like a Star Darling, by a sticker. Isn’t she pretty? Now it’s time for us to decorate Crystal Winter and get her even prettier. Next time I will show you another doll. Stay tuned.

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