Rebecca’s Great Retired Hairstyling Set

Last post I talked about EAH. So this one is a surprise. On New Year’s Day, my parents went out and came home buying the old Rebecca Hairstyling Set kind. WUD was so happy she thanked them a hydrong of times.

So do you want to know what my favorite thing in the hairstyle set is? It is the……the golden hair clip adorned with jewels! WOW how good can it get, besides I’m excited for the new Rebecca hairstyle set. I don’t know if they will make more hairstyling sets. One for Kaya please!

But then on I can tell that WUD likes Rebecca a lot and hugs her around. She even once took Rebecca and Audra out to play and see the fresh air. So this time I can tell that she really cared. She asked to take photo’s of Rebecca’s hairstyling set and wanted me to write it. So that’s why it is a surprise.

Now Mum took the photos then when she was done you can’t believe what happened. WUD tore it out of my Surprised Mum’s hands. Then naughty WUD ripped the Hairstyle set out of this world, i-it looked wrecked and messy. But luckily the things weren’t broken or she would have been spanked by me.

The things I want to use for a photoshoot when she was done posing. Just then I was about to say pose Rebecca with the hairstyling set, Mum told her to do that and I was about to explode like an egg cracked and pouring out egg yolk but I just held it.

Now did you notice WUD took the barrette out? The reason for that is that WUD didn’t want to have Rebecca’s hair to look messy for putting on the golden hair clip. So Mum wasn’t sure what to do either so she asked what WUD wanted. But I hopelessly took the photo. And did you notice the shirt Rebecca is wearing in the photoshoot? She borrowed it from her new BFF Tenney. They were talking about what hairstyle they should do for the band rehearsal¬†the other day.

Even though it is a report I got to stop because dinner’s here but that still doesn’t mean you got to keep reading. It means I stop and after dinner I hurry on with the next posts, so bye again until next post.

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