A Day at the Hair Salon with American Girl Dolls

This perfect hair salon has everything you need including a salon chair, a hairstyling caddy, and a hair salon scene backdrop. I always thought the salon chair was very cushiony but when the first time I touched it, it felt like plastic. I also never knew there was a mini hair pick in the caddy. But WUD knew it from playing the set in the store.


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The Needs For A Trip Featuring Our Generation Well Traveled Luggage Set

Boarding up!! The things you need for a trip are right here in this post. It is the Well Traveled Luggage Set from Our Generation, aka OG. Everything is so cool except I really don’t like how they package things. Check the Audra doll package for yourself. I really wish they can just put everything in a box like what AG does. Anyway let’s take a look at what the set comes with.

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Our Generation Doll Audra

Hi, sorry for being away for almost a week. If you had looked more closely at the title, you’d see that this doll’s name is Audra. What a pretty name for a doll like Audra. But you didn’t know that also secretly Wind Up Doll is the one who picked her. She picked her because if you looked at the second picture, you will see a doughnut. I actually wanted Celeste because she had a pretty barrette that is gold.


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