Ever After High Epic Winter Winter Sparklier and Crystal Winter Doll

Christmas has long gone but why does WUD still have presents to open?! Because that’s how funny she is. She wants to take her sweet little time and says she will open one at a time. Anyways today she opened an Ever After High aka EAH playset, it’s the……………….. CRYSTAL WINTER SPARKLIZER!

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Ever After High Doll Gingerbread House from Sugar Coated Class

If I had not told you that WUD loves Ever After High you’d know now. Anyhoo this pretty young girl is….. GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Besides I learned anyhoo from EAH aka Ever After High.


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The Needs For A Trip Featuring Our Generation Well Traveled Luggage Set

Boarding up!! The things you need for a trip are right here in this post. It is the Well Traveled Luggage Set from Our Generation, aka OG. Everything is so cool except I really don’t like how they package things. Check the Audra doll package for yourself. I really wish they can just put everything in a box like what AG does. Anyway let’s take a look at what the set comes with.

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Toys R Us Shop Run and Journey Girls Haul

This whole week we get to go home early. It’s the end of the first trimester and the teachers are having parent conferences after school. Both Wind Up Doll and I did good so it took no time for the conference to end and we get to go to Toys R Us afterwards. This time we went to a difference TRU which was 30 minutes away. Wind Up Doll even took a nice little nap getting there.


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