The Needs For A Trip Featuring Our Generation Well Traveled Luggage Set

Boarding up!! The things you need for a trip are right here in this post. It is the Well Traveled Luggage Set from Our Generation, aka OG. Everything is so cool except I really don’t like how they package things. Check the Audra doll package for yourself. I really wish they can just put everything in a box like what AG does. Anyway let’s take a look at what the set comes with.

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Kaya Got New Fringe Fashion Boots?

Tawt’s may we, you are seeing OG (Our Generation) fashion fringe boots and you are wondering why they are there. The reason you are seeing them is that I went to Target yesterday and Kaya saw these boots and asked me if she could have them. They sure look cute in the box. But will Kaya get these boots as she wished?

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